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Guest Registry

Guest Users need to sign-in before using MCC Library computers.

Computer Use Policy

The following are prohibited while using MCC library computers.
•  Visiting sites with offensive material (pornography, gore, hateful/racist images, etc.)
•  Harassment
•  Conducting, advertising, or operating a private business
• Computer games (online, or via hard drive)

Students have priority. If a student needs a computer, public patrons will be asked to forfeit their seat.

Printing is available for guest users through the WEPA system. Guests are responsible for paying for their own printing. WEPA only accepts payment via credit, debit or PayPal gift cards. Please speak with a library staff member for more information.

Guests are allotted one (1) hour of computer use. Longer use is at the discretion of library staff.

Guest login information is stored on secured server with Microsoft for no more than 60 days; after said time, it is destroyed.

We encourage patrons to obtain a library card for quicker future access (address will then not be required for login).
The above is only a shortened version of our policy. For more information, please read the full policy on the library website