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Find peer-reviewed articles within MCC's databases. Please review the "How to Search Databases" guide and "Database Tutorials" before searching (Note: you can also use the Ebsco Mobile App to search for articles).

Primary Sources are direct or first-hand accounts of historical from people who had a connection with it. In historical research, a primary source are sources created during the time period being studies. Examples:

  • Letters, diaries, and speeches
  • Newspaper articles
  • Manuscripts
  • Government documents, reports, and records
  • Documents, reports, and records from private organizations e.g. the Red Cross
  • Oral history interviews
  • Maps
  • Photographs and videos

Historians use primary sources to interpret and analyze historical events. If new primary sources are found, then that can change historians interpretation of an event e.g. when the Russian archives were opened up after the collapse of the Soviet Union, documents were found that shed new light on events such as the Russian Revolution and the rise of Joseph Stalin.

Secondary Sources are written or created AFTER an event has taken place and do not provide direct evidence of historical events from people who had a connection with it. Instead, they provide information that has been analyzed or interpreted to provide a specific conclusion about historical events (e.g. the cause of the Cold War). Many secondary sources are written by historians that have interpreted or analyzed primary sources. Examples:

  • Scholarly articles
  • Books
  • Biographies
  • Documentaries


U.S. Government Resources: Historic letters, pamphlets, photographs, and other images digitized and made available by the Library of Congress and National Archives.

Other Resources:


Peer-reviewed historical journals with full-text access. (12-18 month delay on full text access due to publisher restriction). If there is an article you want that is within this range, please contact your librarian to submit an article exchange request. Note: This is NOT a complete list of historical journals housed within MCC's databases. Visit MCC's library catalog page to search for specific journals.