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English 102

The Postmortal

by Drew Magary

To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper Lee

Slaughterhouse Five

 by Kurt Vonnecut

Phantom Tongue

By Steven Sanchez

Lost Children Archive

By Valeria Luiselli

The Hate U Give

By Angie Thomas

Midnight in Broad Daylight

By Pamela Rotner Sakamoto

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English 102

How to Search JSTOR

New to JSTOR search? This short tutorial gives you an overview of how to get started with our basic search and introduces you how to start with advanced searching.

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Literature Resource Center - Literary Analysis

This tutorial shows you how to use Literature Resource Center to take your literary analysis to the next level.

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Searching EBSCO eBooks - Tutorial

With 151,126 titles to choose from, EBSCO eBooks is an excellent choice for research. The easy-to-use platform allows users to cite, save, and print e-book portions, export citations, search within chapters, and share. The tutorial below demonstrates the searching functionality for EBSCO eBooks and how to read eBooks online.

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Formatting Your MLA Paper


Formatting Your Works Cited Page

The Peer Review Process

So you need to use scholarly, peer-reviewed articles for an assignment...what does that mean? 

Peer review is a process for evaluating academic studies before they are published by an academic journal. These studies typically communicate original research or analysis for other researchers. 

The Peer Review Process at a Glance:


All About Peer Review

Scholarly articles typically communicate original research or analysis for other researchers, and go through a peer review process before they are published by an academic journal. This brief video takes a closer look at that process and addresses some of its limitations.