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Mohave Community College Libraries

Computer and Printing Services

Mohave Community College libraries provide computer and Internet access in support of the information and research needs of our students and the public. In addition to Mohave students, faculty and staff, this access is provided to the general public as a public service.

This access is a privilege not a right. The following guidelines have been established to manage limited resources effectively and to protect the rights and privacy of patrons. Patrons who use library computers or hardware in an inappropriate manner will be asked to desist and may lose their computer privileges altogether.


  • The library provides computers, subscribed databases and Internet access, at no charge, to Mohave students, faculty, staff and the public.
  • Each campus has computers available for community users. Community users will be asked to give up the computer they are using if students are waiting for a computer. Patrons must limit their computer use to 30 minutes if other patrons are waiting.
  • In order to use designated computers, community users must provide legal identification, for example, a driver's license or government issued identification card. Additionally, community users must agree to the user guidelines to have access to the internet.

Appropriate Use:

  • The library makes no specific stipulation regarding what information may or may not be accessed. However, computers must be used in compliance with these guidelines, the Mohave Community College Student Code of Conduct, the Mohave Community College Internet Usage Policy and all applicable local, state and federal laws.
  • Using library computers to display or transmit images or information that is offensive to others is prohibited.
  • Using library computers to deliberately harass any person is prohibited.
  • Online or other computer games are prohibited.
  • Financial transactions and online shopping using library computers are not advised.
  • Using library computers to conduct, advertise or operate a private business is prohibited.
  • Patrons may not install software on any library computer nor run any programs from their own software.
  • Writing to the hard drive, tampering with or altering the configuration of any equipment is prohibited.
  • Users shall not abuse or deliberately damage any library computer nor use any library computer to compromise the security of, or tamper with, any other computer system or network at Mohave Community College or elsewhere.
  • Patrons must use the Library's hardware, such as printers and scanners, as instructed by staff. If patrons are found to be misusing or abusing the Library's hardware, their Library privileges may be revoked.

The library staff tries to maintain a classroom setting for students and public guests alike. To uphold our efforts, requests may be directed toward the students or public guests that may not fall under the library policies.

Pay for print services are available for students and community users on all Southern Campuses via the WEPA print stations (kiosk). You may print at WEPA kiosks with the following methods:

Cloud: Access your Box, Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive account at any WEPA kiosk to print your files.

Web: Log in at, select your documents and “send to WEPA.”

Traditional: One-time download: (library computers have this installed)
Open your document, choose “File>print” and select your preferred WEPA printer.

Email: Using the email tied to your wēpa account, email your documents to

Mobile: Download the WEPA Print” app and follow the instructions.

USB: Insert your USB drive at any WEPA print station.


  • WEPA only accepts credit, debit or PayPal as payment (will NOT accept cash or coin):
    • Printing is 10 cents per black and white page and 25 cents per color page.
    • You can add funds to your WEPA account so you do not have to input your payment information each time. Adding funds to a WEPA account is optional, but if you choose not too, there is a small additional fee for each print job.
  • MCC students automatically have a WEPA account and can access it with their MCC user ID and password or may print using a "WEPA code" (codes are valid for 6 days).
  • Community members can print using a "WEPA code" from MCC computers or can create their own WEPA account by going to and uploading funds.
  • WEPA kiosks also have the ability to print directly from a user's Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or thumb drive.
  • If you are going to be using the WEPA kiosk on a regular basis, it is suggested that you "Tag your Card" to make accessing your WEPA account and/or paying for print services less time consuming.
  •  For more detailed information, please visit MCC's WEPA page. 

Scanning and Copying:

  • Scanning is available at WEPA Kiosks. You can scan documents and upload them directly to a cloud service (Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Drop Box or Box). Scanning documents is free.
  • Printing copies of scanned documents costs 10 cents per black and white page and 25 cents per color page.