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Online Game Connection is a way to find other MCC community members to play or discuss games online. All games are welcome, whether it's classics like chess, video games on PC or console, tabletop RPGs, or whatever else you like to play! The connection is run through a Discord server, which is free and easy to use. On the Discord server, there are links and resources for playing all your favorite games online.

  1. Create a Discord account.
  2. Join the Discord server; you can find the link in your advising community on Schoology or by emailing You must be an MCC student or employee to join the server.
  3. Connect with other students and play your favorite games online!

Want to compete on a more serious level? Join our intramural leagues! Signups are on the Discord server.

Upcoming Intramural Seasons

Game & Platform Season Start Date Signup Deadline Time Commitment
Smash Bros. on Switch Winter 2020 Dec. 1, 2020 Nov. 27, 2020 1 hour/week for 3-4 weeks
Chess (via Winter 2020 Dec. 1, 2020 Nov. 27, 2020 1 hour/week for 3-4 weeks

Contact: Erin Roper;; 928-421-2367; on Discord @Erin the Librarian

If you need help or have questions, please contact Erin Roper:; 928-421-2367; or Discord @Erin the Librarian.

Let's play!