Mohave Community College Libraries

Course Reserves

What are course reserves?

Course reserves are textbooks and other course related materials made available to students at the instructor's request.

How long can I checkout an item that is on course reserve?

Checkout periods for items on course reserve varies. Most are available for 2 hours, but some are available for two or seven day checkout periods. 

Is my textbook guaranteed to be on course reserve?

No. As much as we would like to keep a copy of every textbook for every class at Mohave Community College, the library cannot afford to. We do the best we can (as our budget allows) to keep up with instructor requests.

Does each campus have the same course reserves available for checkout?

No. While many of the course reserves are available at all four campus libraries, some are only available on one or two campuses. Be sure to check the campus location when you are searching for course reserves.


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