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What is Data & Statistics?

When working on a research paper or project, students often find themselves needing data or statistic to back up their argument. The terms "data" and "statistics" are often used interchangeably in conversation, but there are important distinctions between the two terms. 

Data: Raw information recorded and used for the purpose of analysis.

  • Result of research that was conducted in an experiment, survey, or other study.
  • Used to create new information.
  • Is analyzed to answer the "why" or "how."
  • Use if you truly want to understand or dig into a problem or question in depth. Students in community colleges will typically not need data sets.

Statistics: The result of data analysis.

  • Charts, tables, or graphs.
  • Numbers or percentages in articles.
  • Answers "how much" or "how many."
  • Use if you are looking for a "quick number" to support your research argument. Students at community colleges often find themselves in need of statistical data.
Use the resources compiled below to search for data and statistics on your topic:

Data & Statistical Sources